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Append Joins many files of any file type into one big file. Freeware BarFree Provides a more compact and easy to read FREE window. Freeware Blanker Quick Easy Screen Blanking. Freeware Clock Displays the date and time in a moveable window. Freeware BigClock Displays the date and time in a BIG moveable window. Freeware Converter Lets you convert units of distance, liquid, surface area, temperature and weight. Giftware CSVedit Amend record and/or field separator etc. Freeware DataWay An easy to use database program. Giftware DiscFree Displays the current free space on up to 8 drives in small windows. Freeware FunnyChar Translate user defined ASCII codes in a file. Freeware KeyLoad Locate and Run Filer Objects using keypresses or a mouse. Giftware Lights Display status of keyboard lights. Freeware MemBar Displays the current free, used and total memory available in a slider type window. Freeware MemFree Displays the current free memory available in a small movable window. Freeware Message Displays a customisable text message on screen. Freeware MultiDriv Enables you to access 'many' Drives and Filer windows etc. Giftware MyBanner Displays a customisable text message and sprite on screen. Freeware NetRadio Front-end to listen to Internet Radio using MPlayer Giftware Newer Upload files to your web space. Freeware ObjecTime Alters a file's time stamp to a user defined date and time. Freeware OvFilters Home for all your Ovation Pro Filters - v0.01 Freeware >PCtype Appends a user defined PC filetype to an existing file etc. Freeware PinWay A custom pinboard type application. Giftware Pointer Provides larger mouse Pointers. Freeware PreShut Allow user programs to be run on computer shutdown. Giftware QuickType Enables you to practise your keyboard skills. Giftware ReadLarge Views LARGE (and small) files using very little memory. Giftware Timer Provides a timer in a moveable window. Freeware TimerBig Provides a timer in a BIG moveable window. Freeware ToDo Create and display 'To Do' lists. Giftware XCal Enables you to export calendars into other applications or a directory viewer. Giftware ZeroHour Displays a Countdown Timer in a moveable window. Freeware BigZero Displays a Countdown Timer in a BIG moveable window. Freeware
GIFTWARE PROGRAMS are not public domain. Giftware means that if you use the program regularly you are asked to send the author a 'gift' (details in each application's !Help file) - By sending a gift, your support helps to provide updates to these programs and an incentive for other RISC OS software to be developed. On-Line Secure Donation available.
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