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Enables you to export a months calendar or a group of months into other applications or a directory viewer in the following formats: CSV - TSV - Draw - Text. eg. Suitable for import into - Ovation Pro - Impression Publisher - Tablemate - Photodesk - Draw - Drawplus - Vector - ArtWorks - Vantage - DataPower - Spreadsheets - Text editors - etc... Example Ovation Pro files - 9 September 98 - (10k) Example Impression Publisher files - 9 September 98 - (9k)
GIFTWARE PROGRAMS are not public domain. Giftware means that if you use the program regularly you are asked to send the author a 'gift' (details in each application's !Help file) - By sending a gift, your support helps to provide updates to these programs and an incentive for other RISC OS software to be developed. On-Line Secure Donation available.