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'PinWay' is a custom pinboard type application which provides many new features. It does not use or rely on the default RISC OS pinboard. Its main features are: Create and display up to 8 pinboards. 'PinWay' pinboards can be auto-saved. eg. When the computer is shutdown, the program is quit or the user manually clicks 'Save', the pinboards are automatically saved if this option is set. As well as normal Filer type objects such as Applications, Files and Directories which can be dragged to the 'PinWay' pinboard, 'Command' type objects which execute RISC OS commands can also be created on the pinboard. You can choose the current backdrop. Files from most other applications can be saved direct to the 'PinWay' pinboard. eg. Just drag a 'save' icon from another application to a blank part of the 'PinWay' pinboard. If you drop the 'save' icon from most other applications on to a directory icon that has previously been placed on the 'PinWay' pinboard, it will be saved to that directory rather than the 'PinWay' pinboard itself. Link Objects on 'PinWay' pinboards can now have a different 'display name’ to the file it is linked to. eg. An application can have a ‘display name’ without the first character being an asterisk. See !PinWay.!Help for full information. See !PinWay.Changes for all the changes.
Download PinWay v0.34 - 1 Jun 2019 Size: 40K - Giftware
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