Walks - Upwaltham Hill
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Upwaltham Hill, Upwaltham, West Sussex.

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Upwaltham Hill
This Upwaltham Hill (224m) walk is 2.4 miles long and at its furthest point near the top of Upwaltham Hill there is a memorial to some USAAF personnel who died in a Dakota crash in 1945. You start off in Eartham Wood and end in West Wood. There is a small car park at the start (GPS 50.89979, -0.666609 - OS SU938119) on the Petworth A285 road shown by a red flag on the map. Pin 1: View. Pin 2: Memorial.
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Download Upwaltham Hill PDF
Upwaltham Hill

Upwaltham Hill Locality

Length 2.4 miles Highest point: +215m Lowest point: +155m Elevation gain: +50m Elevation loss: -50m
140 160 180 200 220 Elevation (m) ½ 1 1½ 2 Distance (miles) Upwaltham Hill Memorial
The Memorial says: This is the site where a Douglas C47-B Skytrain (Dakota) 27th Transport Group US Air Force crashed on 11 February 1945 with the loss of life of all the crew: Pogue Richard L, 1st Lieutenant USAAF Robinson Robert G, 2nd Lieutenant USAAF Smith Jerome T, Corporal USAAF Corson Victor C, Staff Sergeant USAAF Moore Craig C 2nd Lieutenant USAAF Norris Robert S, Sergeant USAAF Clayton Carl, Sergeant USAAF