Walks - Littleton Down
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Littleton Down, near Upwaltham, West Sussex.

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Littleton Down
This is a 2.2 mile walk through woods and open fields with an option of a 0.5 mile extension. There are some good views along the way and this walk reaches a high point of 235m. There is some road verge parking for a few cars at the start (GPS: 50.92177, -0.64879 OS SU950144) shown by a red flag on the map, but please leave space for the bus stop. If you use the nearby Cadence Cafe in Littleton Farm (shown by ‘1’ on the map) before or after the walk you can use their car park which is open from 9am to 4pm.
Key: – – – – –	Track / Path - - - - - - - -	Footpath – – – – –	Parish Boundary —> —>	Route NR		Nature Reserve Littleton Down
Length 2.2 miles Highest point: +235m Lowest point: +125m Elevation gain: +100m Elevation loss: -100m
Download Littleton Down Locality PDF

Littleton Down Locality

Take the public footpath route to the right here shown by ‘2’ on the map. A small area of trees have been felled around here and you need to turn right through the gap in the timber stack next to the footpath sign to get through to the footpath.
You need to cross the small felled area and take the footpath shown in the centre of this photo here. If you miss the footpath, you can take the extra half mile extension route instead. It is shown on the map in dark blue.
At the finish of the walk you can use the Cadence Cafe at Littleton Farm.
100 150 200 250 Elevation (m) ½ 1 1½ 2 Distance (miles)
Length 0.7 miles Highest point: +185m Lowest point: +155m Elevation gain: +2m Elevation loss: -20m
150 160 170 180 190 Elevation (m) 0.1		  0.2		   0.3		     0.4		        ½		0.6 Distance (miles)

Optional Extension Route