Walks - Farm Hill East
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Farm Hill East, near Sutton, West Sussex.

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Farm Hill East
This is a 2.6 mile walk through woods and some open ground and reaches a height of 185m. If there has been a lot of rain there is a short section near the start that floods but you can climb a bank to the right and walk along the edge of a field for the short flooded section of the track. I recommend you take a map with you, preferably an electronic one with GPS. There is some parking for one to two cars on the road verge at the start (GPS: 50.9247, - 0.61782 OS SU972148) shown by a red flag on the map.
Key: – – – – –	Track / Path - - - - - - - -	Footpath – – – – –	Parish Boundary —> —>	Route NR		Nature Reserve Farm Hill
Length 2.6 miles Highest point: +185m Lowest point: +55m Elevation gain: +120m Elevation loss: -120m
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Farm Hill East Locality

50 100 150 200 Elevation (m) ½ 1 1½ 2 2½ Distance (miles)